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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by credit card? At the centre we only accept cash. We do not have a credit card machine at present. You CAN pay by credit card or by pay pal on our treatment page before you come. You do NOT need to print payment details and you do NOT need a PayPal account to pay online.

Can I do a half hour massage? No, sorry. The minimum duration is 60 minutes. This is because the therapists come in especially for the appointments.

Can I do 2 hours? The maximum duration we offer is 90 minutes.

Do you have showers? No. After the massage we will give you a warm moist towel to remove any excess oil. We use high quality almond oil which is easily absorbed by your skin so it does not leave you feeling greasy. Please request a warm moist towel before the massage if you are feeling sweaty. In the interest of hygiene and out of respect to your therapist, we request you to shower at home, or in your hotel, just before the appointment, when possible.

Can we have female therapists? Yes, no problem. If you have any preference as to the gender of your therapist please request it at the time of booking.

How far is your centre from the Ramblas / our Hotel? Both centre are quite near the bottom of the Ramblas - about 1km (12 minutes walk) from the McDonald's on the corner of Carrer Ferran. Please refer to our location page.
For distances and directions from your specific hotel or other parts of the city please use google maps. (instead of  asking us for directions by WhatsApp).

What is the nearest Metro station? Jaume I on the yellow line, L3. Again see our location page for directions and maps.

Do I have to make a reservation? Or can I just pop in? We work by APPOINTMENT ONLY. The therapists come in especially for your appointment. If you just turn up, chances are, the door will be closed as they will be doing a massage, and nobody will be able to attend you. We do not have a receptionist. Please send us a WhatsApp (+34 677 372 575) to make a reservation. WhatsApp is our preferred means of communications.

I walked past and the door was closed! How do I get in? The door should be open 5 - 10 minutes before your appointment time. Before then, the therapists will be in massage and will not be able to open the door. The ideal is to arrive 5 minutes before so you start the massage on time. There is no door-bell, just walk in your therapist will be expecting you.  

What are your opening times? We open 9:30am - 9pm every day by appointment only. We do not close at lunch time or on public holidays.

How long in advance do I have to make an appointment? This really depends.. For Saturdays and Sundays and during high season (Easter, July & August), we recommend booking a day or two in advance. If you would like an appointment for the same day we´d recommend sending us a WhatsApp early in the day if possible. Evenings are our busiest time midweek. . If you would like to make an appointment with a specific therapist you should whatsapp us a day in advance if possible. However, it is always worth checking same day availability and we will gladly let you know if there are any cancellations.

How many people can you attend at the same time? Maximum two in each centre. We only have 2 treatment rooms in each location, so we can only do one or two people at the same time. As we have 2 small centres, it is not suitable for large groups, sorry. If there are 3 of you, we can do 2 people at the same time and then the other person shortly after.

Can we be together in the same room? No sorry, due to space restrictions it is not possible. The treatments are performed in two separate but adjoining rooms. However as the centre is small and intimate with a capacity of only 2 clients at a time, you will have the whole center all to yourselves.

What type of massages do you offer? Holistic and therapeutic massages integrating various techniques. See our treatment menu. We do not do thai massage, reflexology, quiropraxia or physiotherapy.

I am pregnant! Can I get a massage? Congratulations! From the second trimestre (week twelve) yes; relaxing massage is indicated. Our prenatal massage is 60 minutes, relaxing and costs €55. We adapt the posture to suit with you lying on your side, if necessary. Massage is not recommended in the first trimestre, however, neither is deep tissue at any time.

Can my friend wait for me during my massage? Yes, we have a waiting area / reception with a comfortable sofa, drinks and toilet.

Can you recommend another massage centre nearby? When we are full this is a common question. The answer is "unfortunately not".

Do you have any discounts if I buy more than one massage? No, sorry  - the prices are the same per person. Because our prices are permanently as low as possible (and include VAT) and the therapists are fairly paid -we do not have any special offers.

Can I get an invoice or receipt? Yes of course, just ask when paying..

How much tip (gratuity) is expected? Tips (gratuity) are not expected but are always greatly appreciated! About 10% may be the norm, but it is completely up to you.


If you have any other questions, feel free to send a WhatsApp. For directions and other tourist information, please use Google Maps.

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Send us an email stating your mobile phone number, required treatment, number of people, date and time preferred and we will confirm the appointment as soon as possible.