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What is KIroMASAJE?

KIroMASAJE is the fusion of two ancient concepts, one from the West and one from East: Chiromassage and KI.

Therapeutic massages Barcelona

Chiromassage: the massage of the muscles using the hands ("quiro" in ancient Greek), similar to swedish massage. Therapeutic massages Barcelona
Ki: the energy that flows through the meridians (energy channels) and the 7 chakras (energy centres) of the body. Known as ki in Japan, Chi in China, Prana in India, energy flow is a key concept within martial arts (such as Tai Chi, Ai Ki Do, Chi Gung) and oriental medicine, (such as reiki and acupuncture).

Your Peaceful Oasis..

We have 2 beautiful massage centres, both located in the Born neighbourhood of Barcelona's Old Town (Ciutat Vella). We offer relaxing and therapeutic massages in a lovely, charming environment. From the moment you enter, your senses will take you on a journey - the relaxing music, subtle incense, essential oils, and dim lighting. Our "enchanted caves", as clients have described our centres, hasve a unique special charm unlike anywhere else. Our medieval buildings are a real oasis of peace and tranquility amongst the hustle and bustle of central Barcelona.

We open every day, strictly by appointment only. To make a reservation you can send us a Whatsapp. If you would like an appointment at our busiest times - on weekdays after 5pm and at weekends - we recommend you write to us with sufficient warning. Both centres are cozy and intimite: we only have two treatment rooms in each centre.

Once the booking has been made we will send you a confirmation Whatsapp with directions and a map. Please let us know if your plans change as the therapists come into the centre especially for your appointment. The minimum duration of our massages is one hour. A full hour of relaxing, full body massage costs 48 euros payable in cash at the centre or on-line beforehand. See our treatments page on this site. Here at KIroMASAJE an hour massage is a full 60 minutes - not 50 minutes as elsewhere where appointments are lined up every hour. We leave 15 or 30 minutes between appointments to allow you time to wake up slowly without feeling rushed in anyway.

Our Friendly, Professional Team..

Here at KIroMASAJE you will find a friendly, international team of professional therapists with many years of experience. We are professionally trained in - among other techniques - Swedish massage, physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage, reiki, ayurvedic massage, reflexology, Thai massage, Californian, and shiatsu.

We are a team of freelance therapists comprising seven women and one man, originating from Catalunya, Argentina, Italy,  and England. English is spoken. If you have a preference regarding the gender of your massage therapist - that is if you'd rather be treated by a girl or a guy - please let us know in advance when booking on the phone and we will be happy to accommodate.

KIroMASAJE was founded in 2009 with the aim of offering quality, professional massage at a reasonable price. We believe that massage therapy should be affordable for all, while at the same time ensuring the therapists earn a fair wage.

Our Philosophy..

We integrate the holistic concept of oriental medicine, treating the person as a whole: body, mind and spirit. Our philosophy is influenced by Taoism of Ancient China with its renowned concept of yin and yang.

We work with breathing techniques and the body's vital energy (ki) and aim to find harmony, through the balance of yin and yang. We offer a very personal, unhurried service, which focuses on the finer details.

You'll be able to travel beyond your body and reconnect with the essence of your being. You breathe, your soul breathes, and you will feel rejuvenated, both inside and out. Therapeutic massages Barcelona

The therapists at KIroMASAJE work at both the physical and energetic levels by entering deep into the muscle tissue when appropriate, whilst simultaneously working subtly with the body's energy by integrating reiki techniques. It is a holistic massage, that depending on the receptivity of the patient may act not only at the physical level but also at the emotional, psychological, and spiritual level.

Therapeutic massage is also used for:

  • Deep relaxation and well being.
  • Aleviatan of stress and muscular pain.
  • Calming stress and anxiety, thereby strengthening the immune system.
  • Improving the mind / body connection.
  • Improved digestion.
  • Increased mental clarity.
  • Improved circulation.
  • Deeper sleep.
  • Releasing pent up emotions.
  • Improved mobility and flexibility of the joints.

Contact us

Send us an email stating your mobile phone number, required treatment, number of people, date and time preferred and we will confirm the appointment as soon as possible.